Lloyds Register has certified us under ISO quality management system requirements since 2001.

The Company is of the opinion that a good management practices are essentially important to ensure a reliable service to the client.

We believe that the implementation and the maintenance of an integrated management system are for the benefit of both - our client and the company.

Regularly updated procedures, involving crews as well as administration of the company are at least keeping costs on a competitive level.

Employees are committed as well as motivated to propose corrective action for implementation should any activity in their daily works affecting quality, safety or the environment.

The fully awareness of every single employee about the importance of safety, quality and the environment ensures a progressive economic and ecological development.


The strategic direction of the company: to maintain and strengthen the leading position in the field of tugboat service provision in Klaipeda port.

The purpose of the company: to provide high-quality comprehensive assistance to ships related to port tug services, in the port of Klaipeda and in coastal waters and neighboring ports.

The company undertakes:

• Meet customer requirements and continually increase customer satisfaction.

• To provide quality and reliable port tug services.

• Know and comply with the requirements of laws and other legal acts for the company's activities and services.

• Meet the requirements of the company's Quality Management System, which is developed in accordance with the standard LST EN ISO 9001: 2015.

• To ensure the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and to continuously improve it.

Our goals:

1. Maintain and expand the existing market;

2. Know the expectations and requirements of customers and satisfy them to the maximum;

3. Assess the company context, stakeholder expectations, requirements and take them into account;

4. Establish and perform quality service criteria;

5. Supervise processes, activities and ensure resources to provide quality service:

5.1. Effective management of financial resources;

5.2. Ensure the right number, qualifications, understanding and motivation of the people needed;

5.3. Develop and improve technical resources;

5.4. Have and properly maintain the infrastructure and process operating environment.

5.5. To create conditions for employees to work with high quality by ensuring their social guarantees, a benevolent atmosphere of mutual understanding and cooperation.

6. Identify, assess risks and opportunities, and take correction action on them;

7. Ensure effective communication;

8. Maintain and manage documented information;

9. Properly evaluate and select suppliers;

10. Effectively eliminate non-compliance;

11. To strive for continuous improvement of the quality management system.

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